Week 9 – Building pages 3 & 4

This week, I designed two more subpages for my project for the show, “Hawaii Five-O”.  I did not get a chance to code, but I think I have a better design for my subpages now.  I looked at a couple websites: IDEO and Hello Design in order to draw inspiration on how to make my project more dynamic.  I was especially interested in Hello Design’s website where when you click on the different projects, there is a lightbox that opens up to the actual project.  You never leave the main page.  I want to incorporate this idea into my project for my “shows” page where the user clicks on a certain show, and a lightbox comes up containing that particular show’s website.  The user can then navigate throughout the website, and when he is done, he can just close the page by clicking on the “x”  and find some other show he wants to visit.  This idea allows the user to not have to continuously hit the “shows” button whenever he visits another show’s website.

Only question I have is whether I still need to keep CBS’ header and footer throughout the website since it does not seem necessary at this point.

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