Week 7 – Midterm Project

Building just the homepage was much more difficult than I had initially thought.  I wrapped my entire webpage, separated the elements into rows, then formed them into different cells, which I soon realized confined me into boxes.  For the navigation toolbar, I set all my information into unordered lists, formatted them and created an orange hover for them.  I then placed my slideshow as an image beneath the navigation.  I created “Tonight on CBS” as header 1, and positioned it accordingly.  The area where I started running to problems when I was trying to place my main content into a three column grid.  I realized that I had cornered myself into cells; therefore, I could not apply the three column grid into my layout.  I had my first two columns spread the way I wanted them to, but I could not figure out how to move the ad to the far right.  Also, my headers kept shifting my columns down.  It is sort of just floating within the website.  I think as I continue working on this project, I will try to employ the three column grid instead of placing everything in cells.


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